With almost 10 million visitors per year one would expect Prospect Park had few mysteries left to offer. But implanted inconspicuously across from the Drummer’s Grove on a concrete base is an unmistakable invitation to wonder. A brass arrow, seemingly well worn by time, pointing to directions unknown. Does it point to buried treasure? A secret passage? Is it an older form of geocaching or is it simply a forgotten piece of art? PLOG often mused about the arrow, coming across it on walks and then forgetting about it in the rush of day’s events. And so it remained neglected until we came across the arrow’s counterpart on the other side of the park near Grand Army Plaza.

Alas, PLOG couldn’t make heads or tails of the arrows. The first points roughly southwest towards Prospect Park Lake and the second towards the Vale of Cashmere. What does it mean? Perhaps nothing. But any excuse to explore and enjoy the park is always a good one.

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