Longtime resident Bob Marvin told PLOG that the beautiful murals on Lincoln Road are in the process of being repainted after being vandalized last week. The artists themselves, who spent many days creating these pieces, volunteered to return and restore the artworks. Long after their creation, the murals continue to enhance our community, serving as a welcome to residents and visitors who disembark from the subway on Lincoln Road and Flatbush Avenue. We still frequently sees photos being taken in front of the artworks, particularly in front of the “Fall in Love Brooklyn” mural.

Reader Theo writes that the mysterious arrows in Prospect Park serve to identify underground electrical junctions for street lighting, traffic signals and the like. We miss the time that municipalities would actually take the care to identify a buried cable with a brass arrow and not something more modern and nondescript. Still PLOG wonders if Theo might be out there with a shovel, digging for treasure and hoping we have been throw off the trail with tales of civil service workers and subterranean relays. Yet another commenter shared the location of a third arrow between the Neathermead and the Peninsula. Perhaps this is where the hidden cache of gold lies? Theo?