PLOG has watched from his perch with a mixture of curiosity and horror as development on 185 Ocean has waxed and waned. The site has a long and controversial history in the neighborhood. Once owned by former blogger Dan Canale, the original 1917 building was the subject of a heated bidding war in 2007. Alarmed by the subsequent demolition of the property, community members rushed to cement historic protection for the rest of the block and received approval in 2009.

Construction on the new eight-story building has never seemed particularly by the book but lately we have grown concerned for the safety of the workers laboring on the project. PLOG is not an architect or engineer (then again neither is the Commissioner of the DOB) but does this look safe to you? At one point the ladder a worker is standing on folds up sending him to the floor. Things are dropped off the roof on tiny ropes. A worker stands perilously close to the edge without any safety gear. This all while 25 mph freezing winds buffeted the structure. Click on the photos and tell us what you think in the comments below.