is only a few weeks old but has already been covered in the New York Times. Our story about an odd duck in Prospect Park and its photo were posted in the City Room blog earlier in the month. We took the occasion to delve further into Claire’s (our name for her) possible origins  and contacted Paul D. Curtis, an associate professor of wildlife sciences at Cornell University. Was she a Pekin duck as we thought? Perhaps a hybrid as a reader suggested? Or maybe an albino mallard? Dr. Curtis resolved the question stating that she was almost certainly a Pekin duck, but also left promise for a future of offspring for Claire and the rest of the mallards in the park.

“Mallards do easily hybridize though, and if this duck survives and breeds with the park mallards, you may see hybrid ducks in the park in the future,” he wrote.

Go forth and be plentiful, Claire. PLOG looks forward to seeing your unique descendants in the months to come.

A birth of another sort has taken place at K-Dog and Dunebuggy Cafe. As we wrote about previously, each year the cafe invites residents to show their creativity and imagination with unique interpretations of holiday wreaths. This year’s submissions include a motorcycle biker wreath by Deborah Zingale, a wreath made out of dollar bills by Edward Gormley and another made out of scrap wood by Daniel Goers. Be sure to check them all out! The wreaths will display until January 15.