Last year PLOG did an experiment with local currency at the annual ArtMart. With nine year-old friend “D” a number of “PLG Bucks” were created. So how did our grassroots economic stimulus fare? “D” was quite successful in trading her PLG Bucks with area merchants, receiving a small ceramic bowl and a Hersey Kiss. PLOG was somewhat less successful in its attempt to exchange 1000 PLG Bucks for a muffin at K-Dog and Dunebuggy Cafe.

Imagine hiring a fellow resident and paying them in local scrip, knowing your payment would circulate directly back into the neighborhood. It’s not as far fetched as one might think. There are quite a few successful community currencies in the United States, most notably in Ithaca and the Berkshires in Massachusetts. Could a local tender work in PLG? What would PLG currency look like?

Pictured on second bill: Longtime resident Bob Marvin