Local insider Richard “Buzz” Gross tells PLOG that Parkside Donut is fast becoming “trendy” and “a refuge for hipsters” in the neighborhood. We went to investigate with our camera in hand, where employees looked at us with a mixture of what seemed like curiosity and bemusement. Perhaps we missed the morning rush, but most of the clientele reflected a fair mix of the local population. Most surprising were the prices and portions, which seemed both inexpensive and generous. PLOG ordered a side of french fries and found himself facing an almost insurmountable platter of taters. And the cost? A very recession friendly $1.50. Chiefly in the eatery’s favor are the “mostly 24” operating hours, free delivery until 2 a.m. and the all day breakfast menu. I’m not sure I’ll be ordering the shrimp salad, but if I need a cheeseburger at 3 a.m. you might see there me at the counter.