On the other side of the park it’s so thick with celebrities that one has to practically push them out of the way to reach the organic produce and artisanal cheese. Here in Prospect Lefferts Gardens we enjoy our seclusion and privacy far from the spotlight of Park Slope and the New York Times. But the hood has been rocked in recent days by two confirmed tinsel town sightings. First, Oscar nominee Paul Giamatti was seen in K-Dog and Dunebuggy Cafe having a quiet and solitary cup of joe. Then this morning Adrien Grenier settled into the Blue Roost Petite Cafe. Dining with several women the Entourage star ordered steamed eggs while his companions enjoyed blueberry muffins and pulled pork sandwiches. PLOG has to wonder: Is this the beginning of a new trend? Will Jake Gyllenhaal soon be ordering takeout at Scoops? Will Rachel Weisz have the aloo gobi at Gandhi? Only time will tell.

Thanks Heather for the Blue Roost info!