Search online for Prospect Lefferts Gardens and the first link you’ll likely find is an entry from Wikipedia. Few people know that anyone with an internet connection can write for the web encyclopedia and its pages can be revised and edited by all. Coming across our page PLOG decided it was long overdue for some updates. Maybe it’s because we are steeped in the local lore of our community; maybe it’s because we believe our Wikipedia page is the world’s gateway to our neighborhood; or maybe it was because the Park Slope page looked way better than ours. Whatever the reason, over the last couple of weeks we have been slowly seeding our entry with new links and information.

Editing on Wikipedia isn’t as straightforward as one might hope. At one point an automated “bot” fought with us for control of the page, believing we were spam. Then a user named “Ed” from Holland decided he didn’t like our changes so much and erased them. At this point PLOG became somewhat irritated, inquiring with Ed as to where Holland was located in Brooklyn and responding to one of his edits with “fuggedaboutit.”

Finally we satisfied our international counterpart and completed our first draft. Take a look at the page as it was originally and the latest version. What do you think? What other sections would you would add? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and we will happily incorporate any changes. Or you can always edit the page yourself. Just make sure not to get on Ed’s bad side.

Thanks Bob for the photos!