Not everyone likes the name Prospect Lefferts Gardens, but the more important question is: how does it taste? With the help of some friends, PLOG created “The PLG” – a sandwich that fuses a Dutch foundation with a Caribbean base. For the early history of our neighborhood, we added some of the traditional ingredients of a broodje – a traditional sandwich and meal in the Netherlands. On whole grain bread we sliced boiled egg, a hard cheese (in this case we used Gruyère) and some cucumber. For the Caribbean influence, we tossed on a grilled chicken breast, cilantro, curry powder and some yogurt.

We make no claims to being experts at fusion cuisine, but the combination of Dutch and Caribbean fare is not entirely unheard of. The Netherlands once had colonies throughout the islands and adopted many native culinary traditions into their diet. The final verdict on the sandwich? Prospect Lefferts Gardens tastes very good indeed. Food for thought, perhaps?

Thanks Alyssa and Paul!