Walking down Parkside off Ocean, PLOG couldn’t resist checking in on the progress of Mansorino Pizza, the latest addition to the area’s culinary menu. With an opening set in the next few weeks, co-owner Manso promised to offer healthy eating options in addition to traditional slices, calzones and the like. The new eatery is far from his first foray into the neighborhood. Manso is also co-owner of the adjacent Parkside Donut and Parkside Supermarket, respectively. In our chat with him (pictured in blue cap fourth image below) he expressed the importance of creating attractive spaces and pioneering investments into underutilized blocks.

We took a look inside and agreed that his new joint was quite tasteful and welcoming. And the space at 186 Parkside has been vacant for several years, demonstrating a willingness on his part to invest and rehabilitate. Manso is just beginning his expansion into the community and is interested in hearing what residents are looking for. Be sure to stop by in March, have a slice and say hello.