With the recent crackdown on cyclists in Central Park, PLOG had been wondering what might be in store for own green oasis. In Manhattan, bikers have been stunned to receive $270 tickets for riding through red lights in Central Park even during hours when vehicular traffic is forbidden. But while Gotham’s playground has 47 sets of traffic lights, Prospect Park has a mere eighteen. Perhaps this left NYPD looking for more ways to ticket park goers in Brooklyn and it didn’t take long for a solution to emerge.

Walking into the park on Friday at 1:35 a.m., local resident Daniel Goers was quickly summoned by four police officers. Unsure of what he had done wrong, he repeatedly asked for an explanation only to be ordered to turn over his identification. He was finally handed a summons for entering the park after hours and told it would probably be dismissed when he appeared in court.

“They could have just told me the park was closed but instead they let me walk right in,” said Goers (pictured below).

Ironically, a friend visiting Goers from Ecuador was left off with a warning, although before the two could leave officers quickly flagged down a passing bicyclist to also serve a citation.

PLOG returned to the entrance of the park that the police had staked out to snap a photograph and also try and locate any signage stating the park’s operating hours. After several minutes at the Lincoln Road access we did locate a sign – facing not the entrance or exit but in the direction of a cluster of trees and a fence.

Goers, who said he would miss a day of work contesting the ticket, lamented NYPD’s tactics.

“We have a really strong connection to the park in our community,” he said. “It’s a place of serenity for a lot of people. You shouldn’t have to worry about police when you’re just trying to enjoy the park.”