last checked in with the Blue Roost back in December, writing about the cafe’s struggle to get repairs and a new gate installed. Despite repeated contacts to both the previous and current management company, our phone calls and emails were never returned. And the lack of response to both the owners and this publication may have contributed to the restaurant being robbed today.

This morning an employee opened the restaurant to find the door smashed and the cash register empty. An enterprising criminal had used the faulty gate as an opportunity, forcing his way inside, breaking the door and fleeing with the cash. No workers were present at the time of the robbery. It is unclear if the break-in is related to the thefts last month at Lincoln Park Tavern and Enduro Cafe where the perpetrator entered through an open window.

We may have lost the battle to get the Blue Roost a new gate but we won the battle in cyberspace. Our attempts to remove the hyphen from “Prospect Lefferts Gardens” finally won out on Wikipedia. With the exception of the historic district, the entry now refers to our neighborhood sans punctuation. Finally, our favorite construction site cum artwork has been cordoned off from the masses, apparently the result of persons unknown tossing the stones into the lake over the long winter. Separated from children playing, what once provoked the imagination reverts to a simple pile of rocks.