Since De Hot Pot opened almost two years ago, friends have been urging us to sample their Caribbean fare. For this month’s feature of
The Local Dish we once again asked folks at a local restaurant to highlight a menu favorite. Friendly server Andy (pictured above) praised the popular chicken roti and suggested trying the roti with goat as well.

PLOG is still boning up on West Indies cuisine, so we invited a guest who frequently stops in on the Washington Avenue establishment to also weigh in with his top picks. For an inexpensive and filling choice, our friend Daniel often grabs two “doubles” for $2.50 (doubles is a curried chickpea sandwich as popular in Trinidad as hot dogs are in America). Additionally he enjoys the aloo pie, codfish cake and the roti, but recommends paying the extra dollar for boneless chicken.

We had been remiss in not trying the Pot before, but have a feeling we’ll be making up for lost time in the weeks and months to come.