A massive four-story banner at 185 Ocean Avenue was barely unfurled last Wednesday before PLOG began receiving emails from readers both angered and appalled. Residents were upset by the development’s use of the new historic district’s name, as well as the large size of the advertisement.

It may please you to know then that the controversial building’s signage has been covered up–for now. Last Thursday we received a tip from a reader asking PLOG if the giant wall covering was legal. We contacted the Department of Buildings and were told that the answer was yes, the sign was legal. And no it was not.

According to a spokesperson from the agency, property owners are permitted to promote units for sale or rent so long as they do not advertise other businesses. And while it seemed to have few fans the banner at 185 Ocean appeared to meet all regulations save one. The developer never received a permit to put it up.

Now you see it, now you don’t. The banner is gone but we suspect it won’t be covered up for long.

Update: Sorry, folks. It’s back as of last Friday.