For the past two months, weekends on Lincoln Road have become a throng of buses, pedestrians and frustrated drivers as Q and B subway lines have been rerouted for construction. Shuttle buses line up to ferry passengers to Atlantic Avenue while large crowds of passengers fill the sidewalks. Yesterday added a new layer of disorder to the mix as “dollar vans” actively solicited passengers in front of Prospect Park station. Promising a faster commute, van drivers parked in an area cordoned off by caution tape and competed with free buses provided by the MTA.

It was unclear who placed the yellow tape. When the jitney operators saw PLOG shooting photos, they began announcing to passerby that they were “authorized and officially sanctioned.” We weren’t convinced so we contacted the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission which regulates the commuter vans. A spokesperson told us it is researching the issue.

Later in the afternoon on Sunday PLOG returned to find two MTA cars parked in front of the subway stop. Transit employees denied they were there to block the vans but a worker said “those guys are never where they are supposed to be.”

Update: A spokesperson from TLC responded: “It would not technically be appropriate for commuter vans to solicit in that manner [and] we’ll look into it and consider the necessary actions.”