It doesn’t happen often but PLOG occasionally makes his way across the park to other environs. They have names like Park Slope, Prospect Heights and Cobble Hill, to name a few. And when we visit these places we usually grab a copy of The Brooklyn Paper for the trip home.

It might be self-evident from our efforts here, but PLOG believes local news is an important part of empowering communities. Thumbing through the pages of the weekly yesterday, we wondered why our neighborhood doesn’t rate distribution. No stores in our area carry the eponymously named newspaper and it can’t be requested for delivery. In fact, a source tells us that in general its writers don’t even report on Prospect Lefferts Gardens (although there are occasional exceptions).

We’ve reached out to the publisher to ask why we can’t get the paper when it is available in so many other places. Would you like to see The Brooklyn Paper here? Let us know in the comments below. In the meantime there’s always the internet, of course.