They’re back.

Despite egg addling, border collies, signs exhorting the public from feeding wildlife and other efforts, the scourge of city officials and the bane of aviation has once again begun to breed in Prospect Park.

Mother goose and her four progeny seemed unaware that last July USDA workers killed almost 400 of the waterfowl in response to aviation concerns stemming from Flight 1549’s forced landing in the Hudson River. The first goslings were spotted this past weekend in the park near the Fallkill Bridge and Upper Pool.

Park officials have recently been waging a full court press with the media, inviting reporters to accompany geese control experts oiling nests and watch trained dogs bark at the geese. Has it all been for naught? I asked a park spokesperson what would happen to the goslings under the park’s Wildlife Management plan. The park’s answer was: nothing at all. But future plans for the city’s more than 25,000 Canada Geese still lie with federal and city agencies which have refused to say when or if they might act again to reduce population numbers.