It’s been said (by me) that you can tell a lot about a neighborhood from its community postings. Even in this day of Craigslist and Facebook, the local bulletin board survives as a way of connecting with others. On Lincoln Street between Flatbush and Ocean, the postings range from the typical offers to care for your kids, teach you music and help you move.

But look deeper and you see things lost in translation online. “Mike” the landlord, clearly not of the internet age, has tentatively scrawled a note in pencil and then ink looking for a tenant for his store. A gentleman misses his dog he couldn’t bring “here” and offers to walk yours. A flier for a newspaper is forthright in its promise to bring you “adequate” ways to increase your business. One resident seeks to find a home for Mickey, a puppy from San Carlos, Mexico. Another looks to find Kittels, a lost cat with six toes and no tail.

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