PLOG took a long summer break and then some but is back covering the beat. Reader Hallie asks us: “What is the story with Cafe Pomidor on Midwood and Flatbush? When is that going to happen?” We’ve pondered this mystery as well since banners went up back in April announcing the arrival of an eatery that would offer “healthy soups, wraps [and] sandwiches.” Little has happened at the location since then and the interior remains gutted.

Having never received a reply to several emails sent to the owners, we finally asked one of the gentlemen who sits a lonely vigil in front of the storefront each day. Busy talking on his cellphone, he promised us Cafe Pomidor would indeed be opening in November. At first PLOG was skeptical, but a search online shows there is a new website for the restaurant and a mailing list that promises to notify locals of the opening date. Anyone care to predict on the possibilities for Pomidor? We’ll keep you up to date, Hallie.