Response to Brian Fernandes-Halloran’s community art show has been so strong that one participant walked off with a large screen television and DVD player last night. No signs of forced entry were found in the theft of equipment that was part of a video installation that shared the views of residents. This follows repeated reports to PLOG of chronic robberies on Ocean Avenue between Empire Avenue and Lincoln Road. A crew of youth reportedly have been using fire escapes to break through windows or remove air conditioners to access apartments. Investigators have told victims that the individuals involved have been identified but police have insufficient evidence to press charges.

We’ve heard so many plans for cafes and such since the closing of K-Dog and Dunebuggy that PLOG presents this handy map to keep track of all your future caffeine needs. A former employee from K-Dog is in talks to open a coffee shop at the former florist on Flatbush (green). Restauranteur Gino Sela is rumored to be opening a bakery next to his pizzeria and trattoria (red). As we reported last week Cafe Pomidor claims to be opening in November (yellow) and The Blue Roost Cafe (blue) announced plans to take over K-Dog’s space and be operating before December. Get your travel mugs ready for winter.