When a food truck rolled onto Lincoln last night between Ocean and Flatbush, it may as well have been a UFO landing in the hood. Fancy mobile eateries abound in enclaves like Park Slope and Williamsburg, but the arrival of “Fishing Shrimp” here created an immediate buzz.

Cajoled to visit Prospect Lefferts Gardens by local icon Richard “Buzz” Gross, owner Odeis Stephenson (above right) is testing the waters here on a trial basis. Stephenson’s short stay yesterday hooked enough customers that he quickly sold out of the fresh whiting that he sells, along with other fried and breaded offerings like shrimp, chips and conch. PLOG tried some whiting and shrimp and was impressed with the bright flavors and low grease factor.

“I love word of mouth,” said the new food truck owner. “Take a sample, walk down the street and tell someone about us.”

Future stops by “Fishing Shrimp” can be tracked daily on the van’s Twitter feed. Stephenson will return again tonight and promises more drive-bys if he gets community support.