El tiempo vuela! Has it been that long? It was five years ago tomorrow that Cafe Enduro opened its doors on Lincoln Road and soon became a popular neighborhood fixture. And it wasn’t long after that sister saloon Lincoln Park Tavern kept the drinks coming later into the night.

Karl Bernholtz, one of four remaining original employees and the current manager, told us that the owners and staff remain committed to the community.

“When we first opened we made a real effort to embrace the diversity of Prospect Lefferts Gardens,” he said. “And now we have a great blend of customers from all around the area.”

(original employees Laura Frenzer, Karl Bernholtz, Alfredo Rugerio)

Bernholtz told PLOG that in the beginning it was businesses like [now closed] K-Dog and Dunebuggy that helped the eatery onto its feet.

“It was like having a neighbor that you could ask for a cup of sugar or to lend a hand,” he said. And in that same tradition, some of the investors in Enduro have quietly backed the new next door location of Blue Roost Cafe. (Bernholtz declined to elaborate for this story).

Customers stopping by the Mexican joint will enjoy an extended happy hour tomorrow until 8 pm and raffles for free bottles of tequila. Feliz Cumpleaños, Cafe Enduro!